AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies Website Redesign


AllPoints is the replacement parts provider that offers everything a service tech could need. AllPoints carries replacement parts for the foodservice industry. Their specialty is Non-OEM (Non-Original Equipment Manufactured), but will also sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. 


September 2019 – October 2019


AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies, Chicago and Mount Prospect, Illinois


UX/UI was working with Stakeholders, UX/UI Designer, Writer, Designers, Development.


Wireframe, prototype, visual design, and development


AllPoints was looking for a new look and feel that matches their brand. They also wanted to redesign the homepage, landing pages that promote more content and programs on the website.

Current Sitemap

This is the current sitemap for the website. We used Hotjar for user feedback. Users often mentioned that they can’t find what they are looking. Changing the company Information Architecture is a major project.

AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies

Suggested Information Architecture

I wanted to understand the Information Architecture. For my class project I decided to work on the AllPoints Information Architecture.

Homepage wireframes

I wanted to introduce as much content/programs before the average fold. I worked with the stakeholders, writer on a new layout. I gave them several solutions.

Low-fidelity homepage wireframes

First homepage prototypes

Using an 8 grid system, I created the prototypes in Figma. Everyone agreed on the 4th prototype. After final approval, I had to code the page, using the bootstrap framework, CSS, HTML, and jQuery.

Final homepage prototypes

The stakeholders had one final request. That was to incorporate the half-circle from the branding into the large banner. We also updated the Product spotlight deals section.

Code homepage

After final approval, I would code the page using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Here is the home page now.

Resource center

High-fidelity wireframes



Recent updates

I’m continually updating the AllPoint website to improve the UX/UI. Not every page was updated—only the pages associated with the home page were recently coded and updated.


Things that I can do differently going forward.

  • Use Research methods
  • Make sure results are analyzed
  • Conduct Usability testing

Selected Works